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At its most basic, a kitchen does not need fancy appliances and shelves full of gadgets. In fact, there are only a few dozen essential pieces of equipment you need to cook great food at home. Although you don’t need more than a handful of utensils to do the great cooking.

This time we present you a most useful Kitchen Tool which saves your time and effort. Brand New and High-quality Banana Slicer!

Are you a mom who cooks healthy every day, And when we talk about healthy the first dish that kicks our mind is Healthy and Nutritional Salads. With this revolutionary Banana Slicer, you can perfectly slice whole bananas in seconds

To use, just hold over a bowl or plate and squeeze the handle for dozens of uniform banana slices. You don't need to spend much time as before slicing with a knife. This slicer will do the job for you.

Why Banana Slicer?

It's Perfect for fruit salad, baking and more.
Great for fruit salads, decorative desserts and making dehydrated banana chips.
Excellent for topping desserts, cereals, and fruit salads, discover the convenience of this brilliantly simple device.
Dull stainless steel blades keep hands and fingers safe from painful cuts and accidents.
Top-rack dishwasher safe.

Product Specification

Net Weight: 86g
Material: Food Grade PP & stainless steel blade.
Size : Length x Blade Diameter x Thickness (17.5cm x 4cm x 3.8cm-6.89inch x 1.57inch x 1.50inch)
Package included: 1 Banana Cutter/Slicer.
Color: Yellow
Hand shank material: Plastic

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