Comforday All in One

ALL IN ONE STEAM CLEANER: You won't need any other st

Rs 3,500.00 Rs 5,499.00

Shidai Ionic Styler

Hair is a crown, especially for women, many women ranging fro

Rs 1,999.00 Rs 2,500.00

Renpho Bluetooth Bod

You don't have to spend a fortune to get a body fat s

Rs 6,999.00

Mini Sewing Machine

Mini Sew Wonder is the amazing new cordless and table top sew

Rs 1,699.00 Rs 1,899.00

Electric Gas Igniter

Best Electric Gas Igniter which has all Safety Standards.<

Rs 899.00 Rs 999.00

Footbath Massager

Whether you have chronic foot problems like plantar fasciitis

Rs 5,800.00 Rs 7,000.00

Spin Spa Facial Brus

The Spin Spa Facial Brush has a spinning cleansing action tha

Rs 899.00 Rs 999.00 10%

Mini Steam Iron

Mini Steam iIron Available at Best for Travellin

Rs 1,699.00 Rs 1,999.00

Cotton Candy Machine

The Cotton Candy Maker transform

Rs 3,800.00 Rs 4,000.00 5%

Handy Stitch Machine

The best part about this handy stitch is the immediate fix &a

Rs 1,100.00 Rs 1,500.00 25%

Easy Brain Massager

Outstanding Health Effects
Using Three Kinds of E

Rs 2,999.00

Disco LED ( Pack of

Transform your room into Party Central with these amazing LED

Rs 899.00

Mosquito Minion

Mosquito Minion
Stylish Minnion Design &

Rs 699.00

Zap Light

The light bulb that kills flying insects and mosquitos

Rs 850.00

Neck Massager with M

The neck massage pillow with speaker - the new vibrating mass

Rs 999.00

Miss Belt Body Shape

Dual compression that firmly tightens around waist, abdomen a

Rs 750.00


Color - Red & Black
Material - Ceramic, P

Rs 1,300.00

Tobi Steam Iron Brus

Easy to use
7.5 ft long power cord

Rs 1,899.00

Westpoint Deluxe Ste

For Creaseless Clothes
West Point presents to you

Rs 2,799.00 Rs 2,999.00 7%

Westpoint Deluxe Ste

For Creaseless Clothes
West Point presents to you

Rs 2,499.00 Rs 2,749.00 10%

Delite Water Dispens

This dispenser is made from food grade polypropylene and manu

Rs 1,499.00 Rs 1,599.00 6%

Electronic Weighing

Healthy Diet Is An Essential Par

Rs 1,100.00 Rs 1,299.00 15%

Anex AG-1080B - Dry

Crinkles Free Cloths
Nothing beats the old tradit

Rs 2,649.00 Rs 2,949.00 11%

Anex AG-1025 - Delux

Get your clothes perfectly ironed with AG-1025 - Deluxe Steam

Rs 2,499.00 Rs 2,649.00 6%

Westpoint Deluxe Dry

Westpoint Electronics France, Westpoint appliances are sold i

Rs 2,249.00 Rs 2,499.00 11%

SpinMaid the Best Du

SpinMaid was developed and desig

Rs 2,999.00 Rs 3,999.00 25%

Anex AG-1080BB - Dry

Power: 1000W
Voltage: 220-240V

Rs 3,299.00 Rs 3,799.00 15%

Light Weight Dry Iro

Make your clothes crumple free with this WF - 635 - Light Wei

Rs 1,499.00 Rs 1,999.00 25%

Westpoint Wf-98B - D

Brand warranty
Heavy weight (6 lbs)

Rs 2,999.00 Rs 3,299.00 10%

Anex AG-2075 - DRY I

220‎-240V 50/60HZ 1000W

Rs 3,999.00 Rs 4,399.00 10%

Westpoint WF-90B - H

Wrinkle-Free Clothes
West Point presents to you t

Rs 2,799.00 Rs 2,949.00 6%

WestPoint Iron Plast

Now you can wear perfect wrinkle free clothes everyday, as We

Rs 2,299.00 Rs 2,599.00 13%

Anex AG-1022 - Delux

Get your clothes perfectly ironed with AG-1022 - Deluxe Steam

Rs 3,299.00 Rs 3,599.00 9%

Westpoint Dry Iron -

West Point presents to you the most proficient working WF-631

Rs 1,749.00 Rs 1,999.00 14%

Anex AG-1074 - Trave

Clean and well-ironed clothes portray your positive personali

Rs 2,349.00 Rs 2,549.00 9%

Westpoint Deluxe Dry

Westpoint Electronics France, Westpoint appliances are sold i

Rs 2,149.00 Rs 2,549.00 19%

Anex AG-1072 - Dry I

"Clean and well-ironed clothes portray your positive

Rs 1,849.00 Rs 1,999.00 8%

Anex AG-2079BB - Dry

Wear Crease-less Clothes!
Say goodbye to wrinkles

Rs 2,449.00 Rs 2,599.00 6%

Westpoint WF-84B - H

Now you can have crease less clothes like never before. At th

Rs 2,749.00 Rs 2,999.00 9%

Anex AG-1071B - Dry

Nothing beats the old traditional irons! So, get your clothes

Rs 2,549.00 Rs 2,949.00 16%


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