Bath Accessories

Footbath Massager

Whether you have chronic foot problems like plantar fasciitis

Rs 5,800.00 Rs 7,000.00

Tooth Paste Dispense

Tooth Paste Dispenser With Brush Holder. Hands Free Toothpast

Rs 699.00 Rs 799.00 10%

Bathroom Corner Shel

Features: Smooth edge, the shelter to hurt Triangle shape, go

Rs 650.00 Rs 750.00 13%

Plastic Bathroom She

Material: ABS plastic.

Size: 26*12*7cm.&l

Rs 699.00 Rs 799.00 12%

Sink Snake

No more chemical drain cleaners, just insert, twist and remov

Rs 399.00 Rs 499.00 20%

Soap Magic

Hand Wash & Sanitizer Dispenser - White

Rs 1,299.00 Rs 1,499.00 15%

Wooden Laundry Baske

Wooden Laundry Basket Easy to Ca

Rs 1,299.00 Rs 1,999.00 35%

Soap Dispenser

Pop-up lid for easy refills
Infrared Sensor

Rs 1,499.00

Toothbrush Holder An

A perfect complement to the growing family’s dental

Rs 1,399.00 Rs 1,599.00 12%

Foldable Disney Laun

Cute cartoon Pop up hamper laundry bagLarge, heavy duty mesh

Rs 550.00 Rs 699.00 21%

Plastic SInk Corner

Multifunctional sink storage rack as kitchen and bathroom acc

Rs 799.00 Rs 999.00 20%