Body Care

Renpho Bluetooth Bod

You don't have to spend a fortune to get a body fat s

Rs 6,999.00

Heel Protector

One size fits most. Comfortably can be worn under socks or st

Rs 899.00 Rs 999.00

Flight Socks

Long hours sitting on flights can lead to tired and swollen l

Rs 799.00 Rs 999.00 20%

Futzuki Foot Massage

Futzuki is a reflexology mat that claims to use an &ldquo

Rs 899.00 Rs 999.00 10%

Spin Spa Facial Brus

The Spin Spa Facial Brush has a spinning cleansing action tha

Rs 899.00 Rs 999.00 10%

Nina Silk Hair Remov

Nina Silk is the unique, elegant way to have stubble-free, to

Rs 999.00

Body Shaper Rubber W

tem Type: Women Corset Fabric Material: Rubber+Spandex Lining

Rs 1,999.00 Rs 2,199.00 10%

Self Heating Neck Gu

Inlaying permanent magnets. Smooth the nerve system

Rs 999.00 Rs 1,299.00 23%

Sweet Sweat Waist Tr

During workouts, this waistband's stretchy neoprene m

Rs 1,199.00 Rs 1,499.00 20%

Slim Panties 360

They are panties that claim to offer you the comfort of regul

Rs 999.00 Rs 1,299.00 23%

Baby Miss Pro Body W

Brand new stylish design, Easy to use


Rs 1,550.00

Leg Massager

Colour - Green
Dimension - 63 x 19 ( cm )

Rs 1,050.00

Neck Massager with M

The neck massage pillow with speaker - the new vibrating mass

Rs 999.00

Thrive 717 Vibrating

Brand: Thrive
Type: Body

Rs 1,899.00

Miss Belt Body Shape

Dual compression that firmly tightens around waist, abdomen a

Rs 750.00

Neck Massager

The Neck Massager is ergonomically designed to comfortably cr

Rs 999.00

Smart Swab Easy Earw

The Best Way to Clean Your Ears While Providing Comfort &

Rs 950.00

SLIQUE Face & Bo

Easily Removes Hair
Easy To Carry

Rs 599.00


Ultra slim design (18 mm)
Weight up to 150 kg (se

Rs 1,100.00


Royal Posture back support belt gently realigns your spine to

Rs 1,099.00

Slimming Bodysuit fo

Slimming Bodysuit for Women (Large - XL Size) Slimming Bodysu

Rs 1,749.00 Rs 1,999.00 14%

Professional Slimmin

Vibro Shape Belt is used to tone and shape the Calves, Arms,

Rs 3,199.00 Rs 3,599.00 13%

Door Gym Xtreme

Heavy Duty Door Gym bar features easy installation and is por

Rs 3,499.00 Rs 3,999.00 12%

Manipol Body Massage

MANAPOL Massager is a perfect way to tone your body without e

Rs 1,599.00

YC7234 Waist Support

Adjustable Neoprene Double Pull Lumbar Support Lower Back Bel

Rs 1,149.00 Rs 1,499.00 23%


Time to step up
OLED display|Touch button|All

Rs 3,249.00 Rs 3,749.00 15%

3 Use Foot Operated

Sportica helps you stay fit and look after your body health.

Rs 799.00 Rs 999.00 20%


Are you fed up of taking weight reducing pills and supplement

Rs 7,999.00 Rs 9,999.00 20%

Power Magnetic Postu

The Dr. Levine Power Magnetic Posture Support is designed to

Rs 999.00 Rs 1,299.00 23%


Now you do not need to go for a gym or health centre to work

Rs 7,499.00 Rs 8,249.00 10%

Palm Support

Power Weight Lifting Grip Hooks Gym Straps Hand Bar Wrist Sup

Rs 699.00 Rs 999.00 30%

Pack of 3 - Fitness

This set is ideal for both fitness enthusiasts and anyone who

Rs 1,199.00 Rs 1,599.00 25%

Pack of 4 - Fitness

4-in-1 Multi-function fitness set consisting of 1 Tummy Trimm

Rs 1,699.00 Rs 1,999.00 15%

Hot Shaper Knee Pad

Hot Shaper's Magnetic Knee Pad is a versatile product

Rs 899.00 Rs 999.00

Ankle Support

As reinforcement and sustain to the ankle in case of tirednes

Rs 399.00

Velvet Soft Smooth E

Ergonomic design never cuts safe and painless

Rs 750.00


Presently, there are so many ways in which you can work out y

Rs 4,999.00 Rs 5,749.00 15%

Two Way Door Gym Bar

ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: Easily adjust this exercise bar so you can

Rs 2,199.00 Rs 2,399.00 10%


If you are looking for a product to tone your upper, middle a

Rs 6,999.00 Rs 7,699.00 10%

Power Bands

Yes4all Resistance Bands are made from 100% natural latex for

Rs 2,000.00 Rs 2,500.00



Rs 2,150.00 Rs 2,999.00 28%

ChiSoft® - Infra

This portable hand held massager is your safe haven. Get inst

Rs 2,999.00 Rs 3,599.00 17%

Dolphin Full Body Ma

Your Own Masseuse
Sometimes you need to massage g

Rs 1,999.00 20%

Body Care

Our Body is our biggest treasure; it’s the true wealth we own. One must take special care of their Body because we just cannot do anything without it. We must make special measures to keep our Body  healthy in check. For the purpose, brings to you top-notch body products which will make sure you’re relaxed and satisfied. Body Care in Pakistan is an issue that must be taken seriously with no compromise at all. Whether it be a massager to relax your muscle, or your Body Slimmer, a Body Fitness Exerciseor and a Abs Machine get it all from, original and best. Because Body is everything. Best and affordable Body Care products are exclusively available at

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