Drone Quadcopter

KOOME K200 Model Qua

Function instruction


Rs 5,000.00 Rs 5,850.00 15%

Drone H010

PRODUCT NAME:Cheap drone

Rs 5,450.00 Rs 5,799.00 6%

Explorer 5.8GHz FPV

The Explorer is a 5.8 GHz FPV drone featuring a 720p HD FPV C

Rs 9,450.00 Rs 10,500.00 10%

Sky King Drone CX-29

This new Drone contains a variety of functions to provide you

Rs 4,999.00 Rs 5,599.00 11%

LH-X16 2.4 GHz RC Dr

The LH-X16 2.4 GHz RC Drone from Lift Off is designed for beg

Rs 5,250.00 Rs 7,500.00 30%

Koome K3C Quadrone

1. Mini body, with LED lights

Rs 7,800.00 Rs 9,750.00 20%

Koome K300 Wifi Dron

Extraordinary quality, speed and agility
Long ran

Rs 7,680.00 Rs 9,600.00 20%

KOOME K200 Model Qua

Function instruction


Rs 8,075.00 Rs 9,500.00 15%

Oswan X10W Model Dro

It Is Amazingly Light-Weighted. Feature:

Rs 8,330.00 Rs 9,800.00 15%

JXD 523W Tracker Fol

Innovative selfie drone, 720P camera allows you to get great

Rs 6,500.00 Rs 7,500.00 13.5%

Dailybuy.pk Bings Execulise Deals on Drones.

Drones / Quadcopters available at Dailybuy.pk is fro Age 14 and Above 

These are User Friendly Drones which have Remote Control as well as its applications area available at Android and Iphones.

All These Drones Are Imported 

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