Personal Skin Care

Spin Spa Facial Brus

The Spin Spa Facial Brush has a spinning cleansing action tha

Rs 899.00 Rs 999.00 10%

Nina Silk Hair Remov

Nina Silk is the unique, elegant way to have stubble-free, to

Rs 999.00


How to use the Massage Slippers?

Rs 1,749.00 Rs 2,499.00 30%


The new 3D Kogao Face Lift Up Belt can be worn while you slee

Rs 999.00

Leg Massager

Colour - Green
Dimension - 63 x 19 ( cm )

Rs 1,050.00

Thrive 717 Vibrating

Brand: Thrive
Type: Body

Rs 1,899.00

Bi Feather King Trim

Colour - Silver
Material - Stainless Steel &a

Rs 999.00

Neck Massager

The Neck Massager is ergonomically designed to comfortably cr

Rs 999.00

Smart Swab Easy Earw

The Best Way to Clean Your Ears While Providing Comfort &

Rs 950.00

SLIQUE Face & Bo

Easily Removes Hair
Easy To Carry

Rs 599.00

Maxel Rechargeable H

Beard Trimmer is the perfect tool for confident and precise f

Rs 1,399.00

Pro Mozzer 3 In 1 Pr


    Rs 1,699.00

Facial Electric Clea

Multi-Function Beauty Care Face n Foot Massager 5 in 1

Rs 680.00

Electric Blackhead R

Thrifty Black head remover is a handy battery operated tool.

Rs 999.00 Rs 1,299.00 23%

Hot Shaper Knee Pad

Hot Shaper's Magnetic Knee Pad is a versatile product

Rs 899.00 Rs 999.00

Velvet Soft Smooth E

Ergonomic design never cuts safe and painless

Rs 750.00

Flower Jelly Lipstic

Pack Of Four

Rs 1,350.00

MORPHE 9 Blush Palet

HIGH QUALITY IMPORTED Same as in the Picture

Rs 1,250.00

Without any doubt, skincare is as important as it is for ladies. They do need to wash all that dirt and bacteria off their face. Having a flawless healthy skin in men isn’t very common but, hey, we encourage you to take care of yourselves and pamper yourself as health and hygiene is specified for any one particular gender.

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