Anex AG-3001 - Deluxe 2 Slice Toaster - Brown & White

Anex AG-3001 - Deluxe 2 Slice Toaster - Brown & White
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Description :

A Brave Little Toaster!
Anex's AG-3001 Toaster is a remarkable hi-tech machine which not only provides you with the best crunchy toasts but prepares your breakfast in a snap! It has two slice compartments and a power of 80 Watts that enables you to make delicious brown toasts without much effort. It comes with a changeable browning feature knob, which assists you in deciding how brown you want your toast to be. So skip all the thinking process and order this incredible toaster online from

Brand Warranty
Power: 80 watts
Cool touch housing
Electronic control knob for variable browning effect
Stop button to interrupt toasting
Slide out crumb

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