Blind Spot Mirror for Car

Blind Spot Mirror for Car
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Having a car lurking in your blind spot can spell disaster at a moment's notice. Stay safe and avoid collisions with these aftermarket blind-spot mirrors for your car or truck.

Are you annoyed with blind spots while driving? Are you worried about an accident from a backing car? Did you know accidents due to blind spots have rose up to 48%?

SafeTech 360 Mirror assures that you can be on the road safely knowing that those vehicles hidden in your blind spots will be revealed with this simple addition to your side mirrors. Thus you won’t face the issues while driving as you do with factory mirrors that have a limited field of view. This is perfect for beginner drivers as well!


  • Wide-angle convex design lets you see three lanes of traffic
  • Instantly eliminates a range of blind spots
  • Makes backing up and parking in tight spots easy
  • Installs quickly on your existing mirror with no tools
  • Easily adjustable for a customized view
  • Durable construction is made to last

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