Dora Leaning Easel

Dora Leaning Easel
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Description :

A versatile floor standing easel designed for budding young artists. This product is promoting fun play and developing imagination and physical skills alongside creativity. One side of the easel features a traditional chalk board and the reverse is magnetic, thus offering lots of creative and learning opportunities for young children. With this learning easel, kids get to have fun with the magnetic white board. This easel set comes with magnetic letters, numbers and signs. Includes the alphabet, set of numbers from 0-10, and math symbols (plus, minus, multiply, divide, equal signs). Also comes with 2 large chalks and eraser. The middle storage tray holds loose pieces. This require adult assembly and comes with instruction manual.
Imagination and creativity
Building and strengthening fine motor skills
Eye and hand coordination
Problem solving
Social interactions and communication
Spatial awareness and shape – 2D and 3D shapes
Language development
Sensory & hands-on – involves touching, feeling and manipulating
Great for the imagination, make believe and role playing
Hand – eye coordination
Spatial perception and exploration

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