LH-X16 2.4 GHz RC Drone

LH-X16 2.4 GHz RC Drone
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Description :

The LH-X16 2.4 GHz RC Drone from Lift Off is designed for beginner drone flyers from ages 14 and up. The LH-X16 features a 6-axis gyro stabilizer that is designed to auto-level the drone and keep it flying – a helpful feature to have for new pilots, or to provide extra stability on a windy day.

The remote gives you full control over the drone and operates it via a 2.4 GHz signal, which provides a flight range of up to 300 feet. With this kind of range, you have room enough to learn the basics of flying and controlling the drone, as well as performing tricks. The LH-X16 can perform flips and rolls, including a 360-degree flip and throw flip.

The LH-X16 drone is powered by an included 3.7V/350mAh LiPo battery for up to 6-8 minutes of flight time. To help make sure your drone is ready for repeat flights, an auto return feature is designed to bring it home safely, and guards around the propellers help to protect them from damage. If one were to break, four spares are included to get you up and flying again in no time.

RC Drone Designed for Beginners
For Ages 14 and Up
6-Axis Gyro for Increased Stabilization
Auto Return Function
360 Degree Flip and Throw Flip Tricks
2.4 GHz Wireless Operation
Up to 300 Foot Flight Range
6-8 Minutes of Flight Time
4 Protective Propeller Guards Included
Includes 4 Extra Propellers

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