Oswan X10W Model Drone

Oswan X10W Model Drone
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  • Rs 9,800.00

    Rs 8,330.00

Description :

It Is Amazingly Light-Weighted. Feature:

1) Brand New And High Quality

2) Wind-Resistant

3) High-Definition Camera Allows For A Clear First person View From The Sky

4) Support Cellphone Control From Android Smartphone And IPhone Via Wi-Fi Connectivity

5) Remote Control With Digital control Displays Flight State When Flying

6) Four-Axis Structure Makes It More Flexible And Rapid

7) Built-In 6 Axis Gyroscope For Precise Hovering In The Sky

8) With 360°3D Eversion Function And Throwing Flight Function

9) Multiple Function: Up And Down, Forward And Backward, Turn Right And Left, Sideward Flight, 360 Degree Eversion

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For Any Query On Call Click Here : 0300-2632459

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