PolyLong Jilie Construction Vehicle Meccano With Remote Control

PolyLong Jilie Construction Vehicle Meccano With Remote Control
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Description :

A set of metal and plastic parts
Can be assembled with bolts to end up with a drilling vehicle.
Mainly designed for the shape of a construction vehicle
Children can be encouraged to assemble other designs inspired by their imagination.
An instruction sheet on how to assemble is included.
The required tools and bolts for assembly are included.
Build, rebuild, create and unleash your imagination! The set unlocks endless possibilities as you use real-like tools to build a variety of models. Take it all apart and rebuild any other shapes of your own! Develops Cognitive Skills & Motor Skills - Hand eye coordination & Lets your Imagination explore! After project is built, it can be used as a Decoration piece or for Play. A great project that will keep your kids entertained for hours. Makes an amazing gift and great for imaginary play.

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