Power Bank 2600mAH

Power Bank 2600mAH
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Keep Your Gadgets Charged!
Now get your low battery issues solved within seconds, meet the most reliable and steadfast Power Bank for your mobile phones. Its high durability serves you well as the modern technology makes it compatible with all phones, mp3 players and digital cameras without creating any concern and the charging cycle stays perfectly fine. Buy this Remax Mini Power Bank with a capacity of 2600 mAh which is great enough to charge your device multiple times.

Mini Boost of Charging with Micro USB Cable
Charging your phone, tablet, camera, MP3 is now easy and handy. Comes in handy size to cater your daily and prompt charging need whether in case of emergency or to connect to your loved ones. Choose Your Color!
2600 mAh Power Bank with Micro USB Cable
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion
Stylish Look Comes without Packaging
100% 2600 mAh Power Bank
Comes along with Mini Micro USB Cable

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