Touch Beauty Electric Nose Hair Trimmer With Light AS-0959

Touch Beauty Electric Nose Hair Trimmer With Light AS-0959
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Description :

Safely, quickly and comfortably trim and remove nose and ear hair, plus cut and detail eyebrows and remove unwanted facial hair with the nose ear hair trimmer for men. As you trim with this men's personal groomer, a powerful micro-vacuum system pulls ear, nose and other hair clippings into an easy-clean collection chamber in the men trimmer to keep the ears and nose free of debris. The durable, super-sharp hypoallergenic blades in these nose clippers have a curved, dual-edge design to cleanly cut hair from the top and sides to trim without irritating skin or pulling or tugging hairs, while also leaving the proper volume of nose hairs for natural filtering. This versatile nose hair trimmer is also fully waterproof for wet/dry convenience, which means you can efficiently trim dry or in the shower. Cleaning and maintenance for the nose ear hair trimmer for men are simple. Just rinse the ear and nose trimmer clean under warm running water. The trimmer is powered by one AA-size battery (not included).


1. Arched cutter head with fine steel blades trims quickly and safely.

2. Powerful but quiet motor.

3. Built-in light provides simultaneous illumination.

4. Streamlined shape, rubber material, comfortable for hand holding.

5.1 AA battery operated. (Battery not included)

How to install battery:

Slide the battery compartment cover down and insert 1 AA battery as guided. Replace the cover. (Battery not included)

How to use:

1. Remove the protection cap.

2. Push the switch up to turn on the unit.

3. Put the cutter head into your nostril or ear channel, and gently move the device to trim the hair.

4. Push the switch down to turn off the unit when finished.

How to clean:

1. Unfasten the cutter head after use and clean the cutter head with the small brush provided.

2. Clean the main device with a cloth or tissue when necessary.

3. This product is not water resistant. Don’t wash it with water.


·Remove batteries if the device will not be used for an extended period of time.
·Keep out of reach of children.
·DO NOT disassemble.

Beauty Tips:

1. Don’t trim the hair too short as it is protective.

Clean the nasal cavity or ear channel after each use in case the trimmed hair sticks.

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