USB Rechargeable Cigarette Lighter

USB Rechargeable Cigarette Lighter
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Description :

Thrifty Re-chargeable Cigarette Lighter is safe and environmental friendly cigarette lighter. Very useful and handy gadget for smokers. No worries about re-fueling of the gas lighters. Just charge it through any USB slot and enjoy it. No flame so its easy to flame it in windy season or places. Chargeable battery can be charged and discharged hundred of times. The USB interface can only used for charging the device.

A USB rechargeable cigarette lighter that is the new trend in modern lighters. An electrically heated coil lights your smoking product. Here's how: Simply push down the tab exposing the coils and light instantly by holding your cigarette directly above the coils. The rechargeable feature allows for long-lasting use (300 lights per charge) without having to buy refills. Any standard USB port may be used to recharge the lighter. Being all-weatherproof, you can use your Fireware lighter wherever you need! HOW TO USE: The best way to ensure your lighter works to its full potential is to avoid pressing the cigarette onto the coils with force. 1. Slide the tab down exposing the coils 2. Hold the cigarette directly above the coils without contact 3. Allow the coil to heat up to light 4. when charging please ensure the blue light is on to indicate the unit is charging. [If device is not lightning, please check to see that LED is on, otherwise device may need to be charged.

Key Features
Rechargeable by standard USB ports
Eco-friendly - Low impact and long lasting, Flameless - Uses no gas or butane
TSA Friendly
Electrically powered- 300 lights per charge/ product life- 18,000 lights
Environmental Protection Cigarette Lighter
Safe and handy
Re-Chargeable through any USB slot
No Gas or Fuel required
Convenient and easy to use

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