Urban Shelf

Urban Shelf
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Description :

Our Urban Shelf is the ultimate dorm convenience accessory. Where do you put your phone and alarm clock when you're sleeping in a dorm bunk bed? If you're sleeping in the bottom bunk, the dresser is too high. And if you're sleeping in the top bunk, the dorm dresser is way below you! Luckily for you, our Urban dorm self slides between your mattress and bed frame, making a night stand-type-place for you to put things like your phone and alarm clock.

Keeping your phone or alarm clock within reach of your dorm bed is so important when you have an early class or final you NEED to wake up for. Our innovative and convenient dorm shelf is made right here in the USA, so you can feel good about using it every morning, when you hit the snooze button from your bed.

Our Urban Shelf is considered a must-have dorm bedding accessory! It is easy to remember Twin XL Sheets or your college comforter, but it is the little dorm stuff like our Urban Shelf that truly makes your dorm a comfortable place to live.

Top Features include:
Keeps your bedside items within reach - lightweight and space saving bedside shelf design
Perfect for holding your TV remote, alarm clock, cell phone and more
For dorm beds it slides in between your mattress and frame (home bed between mattress & box spring)
Made in the USA dorm product!

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