Water Spray Fan

Water Spray Fan
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Description :

Cute shape, eyeprotecting, healthy, energy saving, environment friendly, convenient to use.
Fan with strong and weak wind for option.

Soft plastic vanes is very safeWhen working, It won't hurt you if you touch it by accident.

Water Bottle Spray Fan, Water Bottle Spray Fan.

Powerful and safe fan blades.


Power Source: 2 x AA size batteries (Not Included)

Material: Plastic

Color: Green / Blue / Pink (Color will be shipped randomly or what is available at time of purchase, But please leave note preferred color and we will try to send color requested)

Water Bottle Spray Fan

Cooling summer essential

Mini Travel Fan

Can fill with water and have wide mouth opening for ice

Perfect for outdoors activities, sport, events, traveling, office, markets, church, school, camping, etc.

Air Cooling Fan

To turn the fan on or off press the ON/OFF button at the top, To spray mist, press the trigger.

Brand: Call.lk
Product Name: Water Spray Fan
Color: Transparent
Package Content: 1x Pack

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